Mapping LocationSan Francisco - California - USA
Description1000Memories is an online portal that lets people organize share and discover old photos and memories and set up family trees.
CategoriesCurated Web
FoundersBrett Huneycutt
FoundersJonathan Good
FoundersRudy Adler
Y Combinator Year2010
Y Combinator SessionSummer
InvestorsKeith Rabois
InvestorsPaul Buchheit
InvestorsFelicis Ventures
InvestorsChris Sacca
InvestorsRon Conway
InvestorsGreylock Partners
InvestorsCaterina Fake
InvestorsY Combinator
Amounts raised in different funding rounds2500000
Amounts raised in different funding rounds15000
Office Address879 Hampshire St., San Francisco, CA, 94110, USA
Headquarters (City)San Francisco
Headquarters (US State)California
Headquarters (Country)USA
Seed-DB Profilehttp://www.seed-db.com/companies/view?companyid=94018
Crunchbase / Angel List Profilehttp://www.crunchbase.com/organization/1000memories

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