Year Founded2008
Mapping LocationSan Francisco - California - USA
DescriptionAdioso is a travel search and booking app that allows users to get information on destinations deals planning and booking their trips.
FoundersFenn Bailey
FoundersTom Howard
Y Combinator Year2009
Y Combinator SessionWinter
InvestorsPaul Buchheit
InvestorsAlexis Ohanian
InvestorsSteve Huffman
InvestorsTim Cederman-Haysom
InvestorsRobby Walker
InvestorsWayne Crosby
InvestorsChris Nokleburg
InvestorsY Combinator
Amounts raised in different funding rounds270000
Amounts raised in different funding rounds70000
Amounts raised in different funding rounds15000
Office AddressSan Francisco, CA, USA
Headquarters (City)San Francisco
Headquarters (US State)California
Headquarters (Country)USA
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