Mapping LocationSan Francisco - California - USA
DescriptionFreshplum offers data science-based technology that displays promotional offers to incentivize purchasing of website visitors.
FoundersNick Alexander
FoundersSam Odio
Y Combinator Year2011
Y Combinator SessionSummer
InvestorsGreylock Partners
InvestorsYishan Wong
InvestorsNew Enterprise Associates
InvestorsGeorge Zachary
InvestorsGoogle Ventures
InvestorsYishan Wong
InvestorsAlison Rosenthal
InvestorsBrian McClendon
InvestorsGoogle Ventures
InvestorsFranklyn Chien
InvestorsData Collective
InvestorsCharles River Ventures
InvestorsRyan Merket
InvestorsBobby Goodlatte
InvestorsCharles River Ventures
InvestorsGabor Cselle
InvestorsKenny Van Zant
InvestorsGreylock Partners
InvestorsJim Young
InvestorsGoogle Ventures
InvestorsEric Kwan
InvestorsY Combinator
Amounts raised in different funding rounds1000000
Amounts raised in different funding rounds175000
Amounts raised in different funding rounds1400000
Amounts raised in different funding roundsundisclosed amount
Office AddressSan Francisco, California, USA
Headquarters (City)San Francisco
Headquarters (US State)California
Headquarters (Country)USA
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