Mapping LocationSan Francisco - California - USA
DescriptionRapportive is an email add-on that displays social media info about contacts inside the users’ inbox.
FoundersMartin Kleppmann
FoundersSam Stokes
Y Combinator Year2010
Y Combinator SessionSummer
InvestorsDharmesh Shah
InvestorsKima Ventures
InvestorsPaul Buchheit
InvestorsCharles River Ventures
InvestorsGary Vaynerchuk
Investors500 Startups
InvestorsDavid Cancel
InvestorsShervin Pishevar
InvestorsAdam Jackson
InvestorsRoy Rodenstein
InvestorsBOLDstart Ventures
InvestorsDavid Cancel
InvestorsJason Calacanis
InvestorsMichael Zirngibl
InvestorsScott Banister
InvestorsZelkova Ventures
InvestorsAshish Soni
InvestorsY Combinator
Amounts raised in different funding roundsundisclosed amount
Amounts raised in different funding rounds1000000
Office Address153 Townsend St, San Francisco, California, USA
Headquarters (City)San Francisco
Headquarters (US State)California
Headquarters (Country)USA
Seed-DB Profilehttp://www.seed-db.com/companies/view?companyid=16001
Crunchbase / Angel List Profilehttp://www.crunchbase.com/organization/rapportive

Gender distribution of its founders