Mapping LocationSan Francisco - California - USA
DescriptionRickshaw is a fast-growing new service that turns any business into Amazon Fresh. We power the new generation of online/offline businesses (as well as more traditional merchants and retailers) that want to provide same-day delivery to their customers. We allow businesses to schedule pick-ups at their store/warehouse and drop-offs to their customers via API, spreadsheet, or webform. The math makes sense - we aggregate demand across customers so we can provide deliveries more efficiently and cheaply than any of them could on their own. Our customers can now focus on customer relationships, inventory, and building their core business rather than worrying about hiring drivers, planning routes, and other delivery logistics.
CategoriesPostal and Courier Services
CategoriesEnterprise Software
FoundersDivya Bhat
FoundersGautam Jayaraman
Y Combinator Year2014
Y Combinator SessionWinter
InvestorsY Combinator
Headquarters (City)San Francisco
Headquarters (US State)California
Headquarters (Country)USA
Seed-DB Profilehttp://www.seed-db.com/companies/view?companyid=5757552776183808
Crunchbase / Angel List Profilehttps://angel.co/rickshaw

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