Science Exchange

Mapping LocationPalo Alto - California - USA
DescriptionScience Exchange is a marketplace for scientific collaboration where researchers can order experiments from the world's best labs.
CategoriesLife Sciences
FoundersDan Knox
FoundersElizabeth Iorns
FoundersRyan Abbott
Y Combinator Year2011
Y Combinator SessionSummer
InvestorsPeter Lehrman
InvestorsAndreessen Horowitz
InvestorsSV Angel
InvestorsMorado Venture Partners
InvestorsYuri Milner
InvestorsWebb Investment Network
InvestorsXG Ventures
InvestorsJoshua Schachter
InvestorsUnion Square Ventures
InvestorsStart Fund
InvestorsXG Ventures
InvestorsRob Hutter
InvestorsSam Altman
InvestorsY Combinator
Amounts raised in different funding rounds4000000
Amounts raised in different funding rounds1500000
Amounts raised in different funding roundsundisclosed amount
Office Address639 High Street, Palo Alto, CA, 94301, USA
Headquarters (City)Palo Alto
Headquarters (US State)California
Headquarters (Country)USA
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