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Y Combinator Startups:An Interactive Database

An Interactive Database

This Silks collects information on almost 700 startups funded by Y Combinator  (YC), including those featured in the last Summer 2014 Demo Day.  We have aggregated information on the companies from Seed-db, CrunchBase, AngelList and yclist. We used Kimono Labs for data collection as well as APIs. We added inferred data on the gender of the founders of the startups. You can browse the data in this Silk by clicking on any link or clicking on the "Explore" tab anywhere in the site. 

(Disclosure Note: this Silk is NOT AFFILIATED WITH Y Combinator IN ANY WAY.)

Use this Silk to:

  • Search for facts on a specific YC session, startup company, or founder
  • Create maps, charts, groups and grids  to visualize YC data with only a few clicks. (Click the "Explore" tab anywhere on the site to do this).
  • Filter visualizations (with inline filters, or using the Filter menu on the right side of Explore mode)  to create detailed views. (You can also share these views either as the structured URL or embed as an iFrame).
  • Ask and answer questions about YC quickly and efficiently. 

Gender Gap: 7% of founders are Female 

*Note: We have the names of the founders of 449 companies, out of the 698 in this Silk.

Repeat Visitors: Founders of multiple YC backed companies

Geographical Distribution of Funded Companies

*Note: Country information, from CrunchBase and AngelList, is available for 398/698 companies

Country-level distribution of funded companies

Top 10 categories of startups funded by gender

*Note: We collected the CrunchBase or AngelList tags of 547/698 startups.

The five startups that raised the most money 

*Note: Data is from CrunchBase, and is available for 569/698 startups. Funding totals includes all rounds.

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About this site

This site was created with Silk, a platform for easily structuring information, so that it can be organized, queried, visualized and shared in a few clicks. The Silk team built this as a demonstration project. The spreadsheets used are available under Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0) here.

You can contact us at feedback@silk.co